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See The Change Of Oil Pattern From The Cigarette-oil Packing Bottle
Sep 03, 2018

Smoke oil taste continues to enrich today, the smoke and oil packaging bottles are also constantly improving, the way is the oil. As soon as every thing starts to stop, more brain holes will be opened.

From plastic bottles to glass bottles, from squeeze-type to dropper-type, different materials, different ways of operation although there are pros and cons, but in recent years, regardless of how the smoke oil bottles change, the way has never changed. Now on the market, smoke bottles by material, divided into glass bottles and plastic bottles of two categories, plastic bottles are subdivided into pe/pet two kinds.

Nowadays, only the needle dispensing bottle uses the PE material (because it is easy to leak oil, the storage effect is poor, it is now very rare), most of the plastic bottles are made of pet material, and most of them use a double-sided safety cap.

Various manufacturers in the "earn eyeballs" is a very hard work, a variety of materials can be used, as well as strange shapes. For example, before a factory has a similar flash bombs like smoke oil, usually can be used as cigarette bottles outside the packaging, but the inside or the bottle is pet, there are manufacturers to borrow the film "Da Vinci Code" of the heat, out of a da Vinci password barrels smoke oil, open the outer packaging must enter the correct password to open, of course,

The inside is also a 50ml pet bottle.

There are also manufacturers of colored glass skull, or cuboid bottle body, but the oil injection method is still the dropper type. It can also be seen that no matter how the design of the smoke bottle of the brain hole Open, the way the oil has never changed.

But from the solar system's Forgather listing, ushered in the third type of oil-pressing type (similar to skin care products packaging bottles). Then the brand and name of the smoke oil was dug up by the Almighty Netizen, dubbed the Forgather from the Solar system (Brand: Solar System, Name: Forgather).

Prior to this, the oil out of the way in addition to plastic bottle extrusion type, is the bottle dropper, and the appearance of Forgather broke such a fixed situation. Some people also questioned its practicality (oil can be as convenient as the other two), used to know, for the general top oil-filled large-caliber nebulizer, the oil is no pressure.

Of course, for some of the relatively recessed oil injection hole, pressure-type oil out of the way is not so convenient. But undeniably, this innovative way deserves to be affirmed, after all, from the electronic cigarette industry rise to prosperity, smoke oil bottles of the way has been modeled, no objection, but the more conventional things more rarely to change, this is the social norm, so we should go to affirmation of the pressure-type of the oil way, More should encourage more practical and innovative products, applications are invented to promote.

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