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Don't Lose It! The Smoked Oil Bottles Used To Be So Used.
Sep 03, 2018

Many players run out of oil, and the bottle is thrown away because they don't know it's useful!

Today, Tobago teaches you a trick-waste utilization, DIY a Nebulizer station!

The protagonist of today is it!



Smoke and oil caps!

First, the bottle below the straw while tares down, directly throw away on it.


Then, while tares the latex head off the top of the cap.

Don't worry about losing it, this is the most important part!

Then, the latex head is cut to the upper part, leaving the following two-way open hole latex head.

Then, plug the Latex head into the cap, as shown in the picture below. Finally, it's done!

You can plug the nebulizer into the table.


Did you see that?

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