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Are There So Many Types Of Smoked Oil Bottles? Which Is Right For You?
Sep 03, 2018

A lot of flavor of the smoke oil, the use of the bottles are different, using the feeling is also different, various materials, different ways of operation have pros and cons, Next, we will talk about these packaging bottles.

According to the material, is divided into glass bottles and plastic bottles of two major categories, Plastic bottles can be subdivided into pe/pet two kinds.

Nowadays, only the needle dispensing bottle is made of PE, most of the plastic bottles are made of pet, but most of them are double-sided safety caps with anti-false opening.

Knowledge points

What are glass, PE and pet respectively? 

PET: Polyethylene terephthalate English name: Polyethylene terephthalate, is a good crystalline, colorless transparent, extremely tough material.There is the appearance of glass, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, good air tightness. 

P E: Polyethylene English Name: Polythylene, for milky translucent to opaque thermoplastic resin.

Polyethylene is a white wax-like translucent material, soft and tough, lighter than water, non-toxic, with superior dielectric properties, easy to burn and continue to burn after fire.

Glass: Silica, a glassy, amorphous body that is chemically inert in everyday environments and does not react with anything in the bottle.

10ml needle PET bottles may be the oldest packaging, but as the viscosity of the oil gradually increased, small-caliber needles of cigarette bottles are gradually eliminated by large-caliber plastic needles.

After this, 15 ml of dropper bottles quickly popularized, relative to the previous smoke bottles, more capacity, a new way of operation, the outer packaging also began to become atmospheric, beautiful.

Gradually 15ml capacity gradually keep up with our consumption speed, a bottle of oil has not been a few days, so 30ml of glass bottles and pet bottles began to become the mainstream.

One day, a tall tall pet 60ml bottle suddenly appeared in front of the players, stable performance, easy to carry large capacity bottles, immediately accepted, the popularity is very high, so that most of the smoke oil is now used this smoke bottle. Said so much, we come to summarize, PE (sub-bottling) soft translucent bottle body, easy to leak oil, storage effect is poor, and now very rarely seen.

Pet (common plastic bottles) flexible bottle body, stable performance, easy to carry, one of the most common cigarette oil bottle material on the market. The glass performance is stable, the black bottle body avoids the light effect to be good, is easy to save, but fragile, carries the inconvenience and so on characteristic makes its lesser.

But there are always some manufacturers will bring us a different creative packaging, such as: Small mini 10ML Pei bottle, Super mini 3ml glass bottle trial, exquisite beautiful 15ml color glass bottles, moderate volume 50ml Pei bottle, super capacity of 120ml bottles, and so on and so on.

All kinds of materials can be used, as well as strange shapes, the various manufacturers in the "earn eyeballs" is a very hard work. For example, before a factory has a similar flash bombs like smoke oil, usually can be used as cigarette bottles outside the packaging, but the inside or the bottle is pet, there are manufacturers to borrow the film "Da Vinci Code" of the heat, out of a da Vinci password barrels smoke oil, open the outer packaging must enter the correct password to open, of course,

Inside or 50ml pet bottles, there are manufacturers using colored glass skull, or cuboid bottle, but there are manufacturers specializing in the sale of portable pet bottles, which also proves that in the pursuit of the eye, there are many players need some practical portable products. So the question comes, how much does the bottle look like? The most wonderful? Which is best for you? Do you want to be practical and portable? Or do you highlight your personality? This depends on the individual likes to choose.

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