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A Brief Description Of The 12 Tips For New People To Buy Smoked Oil
Sep 03, 2018

As an indispensable consumable in the use of electronic cigarettes, smoke oil is called "ration" by many users. For new people who want to use e-cigarettes, a wide range of oils is difficult to choose from, and it is easy to spend money without a clear understanding of the oil.

Today we will be a newcomer into the pit of the angle, tell some common on the need to know about the smoke oil, so that more new people quickly understand the smoke oil.

1. What does the nicotine content "mg" of tobacco oil represent?

The nicotine content indicated by the body of the cigarette bottle is the nicotine content of each ml of smoked oil, that is, 3mg nicotine oil contains 3mg nicotine per ml of smoked oil.

2. What flavor of cigarette oil should be chosen for cigarette smoking?

For smoking and smoking cessation assistance needs, the taste of e-cigarettes and tobacco oil is not a great limit, of course, if the addiction to the larger friends or tobacco smoke is recommended to choose cigarette oil, in the process of smoking cessation will have a better transition effect.

3. How to choose the nicotine content of tobacco oil? 

In general, the nicotine content of 6mg and above is suitable for mouth-suction use, while those who prefer lung aspiration need to choose nicotine concentrations below 3mg and 3mg.

For new people, if you reach a daily approach to a pack of cigarette habits, it is recommended to choose 6mg nicotine concentration of smoke oil for mouth-suction use, to detect the use of electronic cigarettes.

4. What is the reference value of the VG and PG ratios of the smoked oil?

VG is glycerin, the higher the content of glycerol in the smoke oil, the more gentle inhalation of smoke in the throat, and the smoke out of the larger the more dense, high glycerin content is less fluidity, the oil is viscous, not suitable for the use of the atomizer of poor oil conductivity.

5. Is there a shelf life for smoke oil and how long is the shelf life?

The shelf life of the smoke oil is generally about two years, but because of the sealing problem after the seal issue, the shelf life will be reduced, so the smoke oil in Kaifeng, should be used as soon as possible, to avoid the deterioration of oil or taste of light.

6. How should the oil be placed and stored? 

Cigarette oil contains nicotine, direct drinking can cause poisoning, cigarette oil should tighten the safety cover and put it to the children can not get to the place.

It is recommended to store in a shady place, and if you do not use it for a long time, you can store it in the freezer.

7. Can I return or return the oil after purchase?

Apart from the fakes and the blending of the oil, the cigarette is usually not exchangeable for the problem that tastes dislike.

8. How many ml a bottle of smoked oil should be chosen for the initial purchase?

Although the volume of cigarettes per bottle, the higher the cost-effective, but the new purchase of smoke oil as far as possible to choose 30ml and below the capacity of the smoke oil, to avoid the taste of the waste, many shops will have about 5ml of the sub-installed smoke oil, you can choose this kind of sub-installed after the smoke oil trial, and then choose the taste

9. Why is the color of the cigarette oil with the brand light?

The same smoke oil, because the nicotine content of different, the color of the smoke oil will be different, generally speaking, the higher the nicotine content, the darker the color of the smoke oil.

10. Why does the smoke oil generally choose glass bottles as packaging?

Although glass bottles are easy to break and will have some impact on transportation, but the high VG content of the smoke oil will have a certain degree of corrosion, the choice of glass bottles can avoid the corrosion of tobacco oil packaging, suitable for long-time storage of tobacco oil.

11. Can oil be used for "blending"? 

Different flavors of the oil can be mixed, the blended oil may have a pleasing taste, or there is unacceptable taste.In general, pure VG and pure cool smoke oil will not change the smell of smoke, it is more suitable for the blending of oil and gas.

12. How to avoid buying fake goods and spending less money when purchasing cigarettes?

can refer to the "experienced" suggestions, choose a good reputation store to buy, do not covet cheap lead to buy fake, devoid of feeling e-cigarette fun. Hundred people, the impact of a cigarette oil is the most fundamental factor is the taste, choose the right taste to bring a better experience. So choose the oil that suits your taste to get more fun in e-cigarettes. Hope that the above content can help the novice friends, I am vape Hao, thank you for watching.

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