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Plastic Bottle Health Notice
Sep 03, 2018

The main raw material for the production of beverage bottles is polypropylene plastic, non-toxic harmless, used to hold Soda cola Beverage has no adverse effect on human body, but because the plastic bottle still contains a small amount of ethylene monomer, if long-term storage of alcohol, vinegar and other fat-soluble organic compounds, chemical reaction will occur. Long-term consumption by ethylene contaminated food, will make people dizzy, headache, nausea, loss of appetite, memory decline, etc., serious people may also lead to anemia. In addition, drink bottles with wine, vinegar, etc., the bottle will be affected by oxygen, ultraviolet rays and other aging, releasing more ethylene monomer, so long-term storage in the bottle of wine, vinegar and other metamorphic stale. For the beverage bottle do not install other liquids caused accidental accidents, recommended beverage company in the bottle packaging annotated warning.

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