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Characteristics and advantages of eye drops
Sep 03, 2018

Resistant to most acid and alkali erosion, water absorption is small, at low temperature can still maintain softness.

Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in hydrocarbons, toluene and so on. Eye drops water bottle production process: mainly high-pressure tube and kettle-type method two. From the perspective of development, in order to reduce the reaction temperature and pressure, the tubular process generally uses low-temperature high Active primer initiator polymerization system, high-purity ethylene as the main raw material, propylene/propane as a density regulator, using high active initiator in about 200℃~330℃, 150-300mpa conditions polymerization reaction. Polymerization of the molten polymer in the reactor, must be high-pressure, medium-and low-pressure cooling, separation, high-pressure circulating gas after cooling, separation into the ultra-high pressure (300MPa) compressor inlet, medium-pressure circulating gas cooled, separated into high-pressure (30MPa) compressor inlet, and low-pressure circulating gas cooled,

After separation into the low-voltage (0.5MPA) compressor recycling, and the molten polyethylene after high pressure, low pressure separation into the granulator, water-cut particles, in granulation, enterprises can be based on different application areas, adding suitable additives, particles by packaging factory.

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