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Barrier of eye drops water bottle
Sep 03, 2018

(1) Shading: Vitamin E and other functional components in light exposure and oxidation deterioration, coating pills, tablets (especially lemon yellow coloring clothing) due to light and color darkened.

The packaging of this kind of health food, in addition to sealing outside the need for shading. (2) Anti-leakage: the volatile or non-volatile components of health food, solid or liquid drugs through discontinuous or packaging materials, such as the pinhole, cracks or caps on the material and health care bottle gap between escape or leakage.

This situation mostly occurs in the structure of health care bottles and improper packaging process, of course, sometimes due to improper selection of materials. (3) Anti-penetration: the volatile effect ingredient or the signature ingredient can dissolve in the inside of the packaging material, through the action of osmotic pressure spread to the other side of the movement. That is, the volatility of the molecules from the container wall diffusion. From the outside of the package can obviously smell the medicine.

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